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February 2024

"Moderating qualitative research projects and moderating them well are two very different things. At its core, moderating is the act of overseeing a conversation, posing questions, and reporting back to an end client. To moderate well, someone has to put a multitude of additional skills to use. We spoke with both experienced moderators and participants that have done countless research interviews to learn what those skills are..."

Click here for the full article by Zintro featuring Helen's thoughts on "The Art of Moderating Well".

July 2018

The KMR Internship Program Celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary!

From account managers to analysts and developers, former Karchner Marketing Research interns are reaching new heights. Why?? Well….since 2009, KMR has provided them with real world experience that they could not only speak about but also demonstrate to future employers. What more do our past interns have to say about our internship program? Why might you want to join the KMR team for a semester?


Our small business atmosphere means that your contributions will be a valuable asset to the team. You won’t be running around fetching coffee, or sitting behind a computer all day managing social media or excel sheets. Rather, the KMR Internship Program provides you an opportunity to interact with various clients and take on realistic, necessary, and applicable responsibilities, throughout the market research process!  You will learn so much about different industries. Specifically project related, this includes conducting background desk research and data mining, actively designing the discussion guide alongside the moderator, taking notes during interviews, analyzing data collected, selecting impactful verbatim quotations, creating data capture sheets/templates, just to name a few. We have even been given an opportunity to support the moderator at onsite research venues as well.


At KMR, you grow and develop your skill set. You’ll strengthen your time management and improve your communication skills, as you learn to juggle multiple projects at once, develop the basis and fundamentals for any marketing research job, and leave with foundations that will help you at any job.


Here are some testimonials from KMR interns of yesteryear…


“At KMR, I gained a stronger foundation in learning how to prioritize my work, which is an essential skill in any role.” --Beth Ryan, Inheritance Specialist (Spring 2016)


“Helen allowed me to moderate an online community under her guidance.” --Andrew Steege, Account Manager (Fall 2014 & Spring 2015)


“This was my first exposure to project management outside of the academic world.”  --Nicole Romano, Senior Account Manager (Spring 2012)


“Some of my fondest memories include being exposed to different aspects of market research as well as the kindness of Mike and Helen.” --Gerard Roldan, Senior Analyst and Tableau Developer (Fall 2010)

"KMR taught me the power of stories in marketing. Seeing how testimonials, personal accounts, and other qualitative marketing research influenced decision making and marketing messaging is something I think about daily in my work. I don’t think I would have ended up in a career in marketing without KMR." -- Harry Pauff, Online Marketing Associate (Fall 2010)

Click here to meet our current interns!

KMR Internships Anniversary
Mike Medical Moderating

October 2017

KMR INSIDE LOOK: What Mike enjoys most about medical moderating

August 2017

Congratulations to Jacob S. who was selected to win a $150 Visa Gift Card as a thank you for participating in a recent study conducted from July 18th - August 2nd. 

Thank you to all who completed the study. If you would like to be considered for any future studies, click here to sign up.

August 2017 Study Winner

April 2017

Mike spent a day recently at his alma mater participating on a panel of alumni and business professionals discussing careers in project management.


Mike also assisted students with resume preparation and in the conduct of mock interviews.

Mike - Alma Mater
KMR - Temple

March 2017

Mike recently guest lectured at Professor Jen Freeman’s Advertising and Research Strategy class of Temple’s School of Media and Communication.  About 30 students attended, at which Mike led the class through a real world multi-phased research study that was used to develop a resonating advertising campaign for a leading prescription medication that Mike had the privilege of designing and executing.


Students were exposed to qualitative research phases that explored, developed, and optimized insights, benefits and the linkage to RTBs, as well as the development of full concept statements used to produce draft creative executions that were optimized and ultimately quantitatively tested.  In addition to stepping through and examining each phase of research and the results, students discussed the tools that were used in the studies, including screenings, discussion guides, projective techniques, and stimuli.


If your class or organization would be interested in having Mike present, please contact him at

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