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KMR Internship Program


Company Description

Karchner Marketing Research (KMR) is a full-service custom marketing research practice specializing in qualitative & quantitative market research. We explore the POBAs of diverse audiences, across a span of 84+ different and unrelated industries. Initially, having specialized in pharmaceutical marketing research, which includes manufacturers, insurance, device, and payer work, our expertise includes 110 therapeutic areas.

KMR Research Studio is an a brand new state of the art focus group facility located in the TRUE suburbs of the Philadelphia metropolitan region, located specifically in Collegeville, PA. We typically conduct individual interviews, focus groups, pre-quant qual, product placement, cold taste testing, etc.

Internship Job Description

KMR needs dependable interns to help grow and expand our businesses. Collaboration is an important facet for many of our projects. So, we are very excited to glean fresh ideas and insights that interns can bring to the table. Marketing Research Interns will work with KMR staff collaboratively, adding value to projects by sharing their own perspective, while providing the support network necessary, to achieve and accomplish project goals. Moreover, we have a great deal of knowledge and experience to impart upon interested students entering the field of marketing or marketing research.


KMR interns will be provided with a hands-on, day-in-the-life experience working in the marketing research industry. Intern’s responsibilities will include (but are not limited to) working with KMR staff and our alliance partners on proposal and project design, fieldwork, deliverables, etc., to achieve specific project goals efficiently and professionally. They will assist in providing concierge service to our clients in the research studio, as well. Finally, interns will support KMR’s brand growth through new product/service design and the revision of marketing collateral/promotional materials.

Essential Functions
  • Supporting interviewers during the compilation process, analysis, and reporting for deliverables

  • Assisting field coordinators in the recruitment of respondents

  • Creating and revising marketing collateral and promotional materials

  • Assisting in the development of new products and services

  • Conducting data mining for specific proposals and research studies

  • Executing maintenance and administrative duties as needed

Learning Opportunities
  • Attending professional organizational local chapter meetings

  • Shadowing KMR’s qualitative moderators during the interview process

  • Viewing research and taking notes during interviews conducted by the founders of KMR

  • Assembling and preparing stimuli materials for each research study

Basic Requirements

KMR seeks self-motivated, detail-oriented students who possess an entrepreneurial spirit and excellent communication skills. All interns should be entering their Junior or Senior year:

  • Seeking a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Marketing, Adv./PR, Business, or Social Sciences

  • Highly proficient in the Microsoft Office Suite, especially Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

  • Adept at using the Internet and print resources

  • Possess understanding of most social media outlets (LI, FB, Twitter, etc.)

  • Able to perform insightful analysis of research data

  • Extremely organized and reliable

  • Skilled communicator in both writing and speaking

  • Capable of multi-tasking and at times working independently

  • Schedules: PT (20+ hrs) or FT (40+ hrs) internship (in 4hr blocks preferred)

  • Must sign a Confidentiality/Non-disclosure Agreement


KMR usually offers interns a monetary stipend or class credit, depending on the school’s requirements.


Housing may be available to interns in the form of a 3-room efficiency apartment in an historic farmhouse located on the same property as the KMR Research Studio. Rent may be paid in cash or in lieu of receiving a stipend depending on the geographic location, availability, & individual arrangement.

Number of Intern Positions: Spring 1; Summer 2-4; Fall 3
How to Apply

Please submit structured vitae with your original, well-organized cover letter addressing the following:

  • What makes you most qualified for this position?

  • Why are interested in marketing research?

  • How do your SKAs make you a prime candidate over other applicants?

  • When are able to start and when do you need to return to school?

Please direct all correspondence questions & applications to
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